MATTERbox Backpack Deliveries

Every 3rd Thursday of the month is backpack delivery day for the Students at Stonebridge Global School. With a staggering 97% of students eligible for the free/reduced lunch program,  HOPEworldwide’s MN Chapter has partnered with Stonebridge to not only get meals to the students but activate healthier futures for the kids & their families.
Over the past six months, Stonebridge Global School has partnered with MATTER to incorporate MATTERboxes into their backpack delivery program. During one of the recent delivery days, we had the pleasure to meet Angel, an opinionated 8-year-old and wise far beyond her years. As she opened her locker to grab her coat for recess, she noticed the MATTERbox in her backpack and was eager to tell me her favorite food items in the box. She was overjoyed to see that BOOMCHIKAPOP popcorn was in this MATTERbox.


“I like all of the foods, but if I would have to pick… the applesauce and popcorn are for sure my favorite!” explained Angel “I love when I get a MATTERbox, it’s like getting a present of all my favorite foods in my backpack.”

After a successful backpack delivery, we sat down with Ingrid Levine, HOPEworldwide’s MN Chapter President to learn more about the backpack delivery program.

“When I started in my role as Chapter Director last May, I really wanted to dig in deeper at this school where there are so many needs. Along with my Advisory Board Committee, it was decided that we definitely wanted help all families with school supplies and food for the weekends.,” shares Ingrid. “Since so many students participate in the free lunches during the week, we thought there was a high probability that food would be needed over the weekend. Once school started, the school sent out a flyer to all families asking who would like to participate in a once-a-month food program. We got 66 responses (there are approx. 350 students at the school) from parents who wanted to participate. Unfortunately, this was the only way to ‘identify’ families, but I would bet more than 66 families need assistance.”

“HOPEworldwide, MN Chapter began its partnership with Stonebridge many years ago (approx. 9) when they were at a different location. We started hosting an annual Field Day for this K-6 school at a local park because the school did not have a playground. The MN Chapter volunteers have always come out in full for this event as we love to serve those smiling faces!”

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