Vikings & Matter Team Up to Expand Access to Health for MN Women

Defending access to health, the Minnesota Vikings & Matter joined forces for the 2nd Annual Vikings Matter Women’s Distribution to raise awareness and support for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Tuesday afternoon, purple pride pulsated throughout the #teamMATTER Experience Center as Vikings cheerleaders, staff, Vikings’ wives and Vikings Alum, Mike Morris, distributed over $400,000 in women’s personal care and health supplies to 11 Minnesota organizations.

‘There are people that will be able to eat today, that will be able to sleep, that will be able to have some-what of a normal life based upon the vision of Matter. I am humbled every time I communicate with them

[Matter]. I am blessed that me personally, my family, the Wilf Family, The Vikings Organization and everyone associated with our franchise gets an opportunity to touch such a great organization, right in our backyard.’

The Vikings & Matter partnered with 11 local organizations that work to provide resources and support for women and their children in at-risk situations. In addition to providing much-needed personal care products such as; toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and feminine hygiene, each organization partner received MATTERboxes, expanding access to healthy food.

“We have over eighty member programs in the state of Minnesota that are serving victims of violence and there is a constant need for supplies.” says a representative of the Minnesota Collation for Battered Women. “This makes a huge difference and a huge impact to the folks that are doing this work and the women they are serving.”

The afternoon began with a tour of Matter and the Vikings crew tapped into their teamwork skills, to do some MATTERbox packing. With 22 pallets filled with over $400,000 in donated product, the Vikings Women wasted no time loading the receiving organizations’ vehicles in record time! Mike Morris lived up to his nickname, The Superstar, lending the Vikings Women a helping hand with the heavy lifting.

“[Matter] is one of those unique organizations, they touch people regardless of race, religion, color, creed, they really do make a difference, and there could not be a more applicable name than Matter.” says Kevin Warren, Minnesota Vikings Chief Operating Officer. ‘There is so much we can do, this is the beginning of a long-term relationship and our whole goal is to really help change the world.”


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